The Definitive Editions

The original courses were released back in 2018.  At the time, I didn't have a great way to share the videos.  You had to download lots of ZIP files, unzip them, organize them, etc...  This was cumbersome and especially difficult on a slow internet connection.

My main mission is to make these Definitive Editions easier to follow along with.  I wanted to have all the videos in one location where you can easily watch them, print out PDFs of my notes, and download any particular videos that you want to watch off-line.  This is a massive improvement over the original editions.

*If you purchased the Deep Space Course prior to February 2022, then you automatically receive free access on  Just sign up for a free Howtube account using your original email address that you purchased the course with, and the Deep Space Course will be credited to your account. 
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*If you purchased any of the Star Tracker Courses, or the Astro Post-Processing Course, then you'll automatically receive free access to the new Milky Way Course.  Be sure to sign up for a free Howtube account using the same email address that you used to purchase the course, and the Milky Way Course will automatically be credited to your account.  Click here for more information.

For those that purchased a Star Tracker Course, Deep Space Course, and Star Trails Course, you'll receive all of them for free on Howtube once you sign up for a free account using your original email address.  Use the links above for more information.  (I'm hoping to have the Star Trails Course complete by early June.  When it is launched, it will be added to your account automatically)


Deep Space Course

The 2022 Edition of the Deep Space Course is now available exclusively on Howtube.  Howtube is a new video sharing platform dedicated to teaching and learning.  I've been looking for something like this for years now, so I'm excited to announce that moving forward, all courses will be available on there. 

For the Deep Space Course, I've gone through and written the full workflow for most of the videos, which you can easily save as a PDF or print out and take with you in the field.  You can also download any videos you want to watch offline.  Maybe you want to have the Beginner Star Tracker Workflow saved on your phone, so you can watch in the backcountry.  No problem!  I've also included links to the TIFF files and applications I use in every video.  This will allow you to quickly find the relevant information, and follow along with me step-by-step in each video.

Click here for more information on the Deep Space Course.

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Milky Way Course

The Milky Way Course is a combination of all the earlier "Star Tracker Courses" and my "Astro Post-Processing Course" combined into one.  You'll get access to full tutorials on the SkyGuider Pro, Star Adventurer, and MoveShootMove, all in the same place!  I've also created 3 distinct workflows you can choose from in this course.

First up we have the Beginner's Workflow, which is meant to keep things simple.  All you need is a wide angle lens, camera, and tripod.  I'll explain what camera settings work best, how to actually take your images, and how to process them on the computer.  With a little practice, you'll be up and running!

Next is my personal workflow, which I'm calling "The Lazy Workflow".  This is designed to make your life easier!  How can we get the best quality images with the least amount of headaches?  You'll need a star tracker for this workflow though.  I've got full-length tutorials for the three best-selling trackers in this course.  

Finally we have the Dithering Workflow.  This is intended for the advanced shooters, who want the absolute best-quality images.  You'll be taking 4+ images, with a slight motion in-between each shot.  Once you stack these photos on the computer, any sensor-related problems should be removed.  That includes Hot Pixels, banding, color mottle, and more!

One of the problems with online courses is that you want to watch the videos offline, when you're actually out there in the field.  With that in mind, I've enabled Downloads through the Howtube video player.  Feel free to download any videos from the course directly to your computer.  Then you can copy them to your smartphone / tablet, and watch whenever / wherever you want!  

As always, this course will continue to receive free updates in the future.  My first planned update will focus on nightscape panoramas, and should release this summer. 

To celebrate the release of the new Milky Way Course, I'll be having my largest sale ever!  (I also want to make this course more affordable, with all the economic problems going on right now...) 

You can save $100 from now until June 1st, and purchase the Milky Way Course for just $50 on Howtube.


Star Trails Course

Finally we have the Star Trails Course.  I will be updating every video in this course, and hope to have it released by early June.