Astrophotography is a challenging but rewarding hobby!  I've been doing astro full-time for 5 years and I'm still learning more every day.  My goal with these new online lessons is to provide you with all the information you need to get started with astrophotography, from choosing the best equipment, to capturing the data, and most importantly - processing the RAW photos!  These lessons will be tailored to your specific needs, and we can go at your own pace.  After a few lessons you should feel much more comfortable and confident doing astro!

If you've been having trouble at any point during your workflow, a lesson may be the fastest way to solve the problem.  I've taught dozens of workshops over the years, and I've seen all kinds of problems along the way.  This experience can help save you time and money.  Although, I will say that my experience with large telescopes is limited.  If you're having trouble with collimation, off-axis guiding, backfocus with a Schmidt-Cassegrain, or anything along those lines, I may not be of much help.  In that case, I'd refer you to some fellow astrophotographers like AstroBlender, VisibleDark, and Dylan O'Donnell to name a few.

I will provide personalized instruction tailored to your skill level, so whether you're a complete novice or an experienced astrophotographer, we can cover your weak spots.  For example, maybe you've got the hang of capturing your images, but the final photos lack that "wow!" factor.  I can walk you through my personal workflow and use it to transform your data.  

These online astrophotography lessons will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to astrophotography: I'll provide an overview of the equipment you'll need, including cameras, lenses, and telescopes, as well as the software you'll use to process your images.  I don't want you spending any more money than necessary though, so I'll explain my recommended gear that I know works well.  

  • Astrophotography subjects: We'll discuss the different objects you can photograph in the night sky, and how to make the most of your current setup.  Rather than trying to photograph a tiny galaxy with a short focal length, we can find some better objects to match your equipment.  We'll also discuss some of the challenges you'll face at high focal lengths.  

  • Astrophotography techniques: We'll cover various techniques that will improve your image quality, including dithering, the best gain setting, polar alignment tips, guide settings, and more.  If need be, we can even have a nighttime lesson.  I can monitor your setup and offer advice as you go through the workflow.

  • Image processing: I'll show you how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and PixInsight to process your images and bring out the amazing details you've already captured.  This is easily the most important step in astrophotography.  You can have the best data, but if you don't know how to process it correctly your final image will not turn out great.  If you haven't done so already, I'd also recommend checking out my Deep Space Course, which has dozens of processing tutorials for each skill level.


These lessons are conducted live over Zoom.  We can either do a face-to-face lesson or screen-sharing, depending on what you'd like to cover.  I find students learn best if they take control while I watch their screen.  I explain the workflow, and if need be, take control to show my techniques.  You'll also have the ability to record the lesson, so you can watch it later.

Lessons start at $100 an hour, and you can pay through the Calendly app linked on this page  (Look for the little blue button in the lower right corner).  Just choose your preferred time, input your contact information, and you're all set! (Payments are through Stripe)

I also have block time available, which will save you some money.  I am offering three hours for $250 and six hours for $500.  You can use this time throughout the year, whenever you have questions or problems.  If you would like to purchase block time please send an email to: [email protected].  I will send you a link, and you can schedule the first meeting time.  The remaining lessons can be scheduled at your convenience via email correspondence.  

Whether you're looking to get started with astrophotography or want to improve your existing skills, these online lessons are the perfect way to learn from the comfort of your own home. 

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