iOptron SkyTracker Pro Course

Back in 2017 I purchased my very first star tracker - the SkyTracker Pro.  At the time, there were no tutorials online that showed how to actually use it!  In 2018 I began recording tutorials, and this tracker was really the catalyst for everything I've created in the past 4 years.

Unfortunately I no longer have the tracker, and am unable to update the tutorials for 2022.  However, you can still watch my original SkyTracker Pro videos from 2018, alongside all of my latest videos, in the new Milky Way Course.

The Milky Way Course has over 60 videos that will teach you how to capture and edit amazing nightscape images.  I've broken up the course into 5 distinct sections - Planning, Camera Gear, Camera Settings, On-Location, and Post Processing.  In the On-Location section I will have links to the original SkyTracker Pro tutorials as well.

The Milky Way Course is now available exclusively on