Desktop Backgrounds

After completing my 2017 roadtrip, I created 140 high quality wallpapers to use as your next desktop background.  These wallpapers are cropped for a 16:9 ratio display and 4K resolution.  Simply purchase the $5 Roadtrip Wallpaper Pack and I will send you the Full Download link via Email.  Click here to view the photos included in the 2017 Wallpaper Pack.  You will see the "Buy" button in the upper right to purchase the Wallpaper pack. 

I also have a 2016 Wallpaper Pack available for purchase.  This pack contains over 150 images from my first roadtrip across the country.  All photos are cropped to a 16:9 ratio and 4K resolution.  Click here to view the images included in the 2016 Roadtrip Wallpaper Pack.