Astro Post-Processing Course


The Astro Post-Processing Course was originally released in 2018, with the goal of teaching you how to edit both Milky Way and Deep Space images.  Over the years the tech has changed quite a bit, and I've learned a lot along the way. 

Moving forward, the Astro Post-Processing Course is included with my Milky Way Course.  This course will take you through the entire process of photographing and editing your nightscape images.  We've got a lot to cover in these 60+ videos, 33 of which are dedicated to post-processing.  

If you're still new to the hobby, you can download my RAW and TIFF files for each processing tutorial.  Then you can follow along with me step-by-step and learn these techniques much easier.  I've also written out my entire workflow below each video, so you can print these out and refer back to them whenever you need.

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Deep Space Course

If you'd rather learn how to edit photos of nebulae and galaxies, then you'll want to check out my Deep Space Course.  This course has over 90 videos, which covers the entire process of capturing and editing your images.  Along the way, I'll include my own RAW, TIFF, and FITS files so you can practice with me step-by-step.  This is a great way to learn, even if you don't have your own images yet.

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