A Look Back and The Next Adventure

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A Look Back

One year ago I embarked on my first photography roadtrip.  15,000 miles, 15 National Parks, 4 months, and thousands of pictures.  Before the roadtrip, I had been working a full-time IT job in Youngstown, Ohio.  Night after night I spent 9 hours in a windowless, grey building.  I soon realized this wasn't what I wanted to do with my life.  After working there for 15 months I was ready to make a drastic change.  On June 23rd, 2016 I left Ohio and headed West.  

Last Dollar RoadLast Dollar RoadDriving along Last Dollar Road in Telluride, Colorado.


The next 4 months were incredible!  From the tundra in Rocky Mountain National Park, to the lush rainforest of the Pacific Northwest and down to the scorched Mojave Desert.  Along the way I met so many incredible people who changed the trajectory of my adventure.  You meet the best people when traveling!  Amanda, Joe, Sierra, Mo, Jareth, Laura, Nancy, Lonnie, Cassandra, Brooke, Anita, Arnaud, Krauss, Madison, Jackson, Amanda, Richard, Chelsea, Peter, and many more.  I'm honestly surprised I can remember so many names!  

 It was amazing how things always worked out on the road.  Like the one time where I met some fellow adventurers in Glacier National Park, and we ended up forming a hiking party.  I even saw one of them a month later as I was traveling through Oregon!  Or how a friend from Instagram was kind enough to let me crash at his place for a few days.  I think he had initially seen one of my mushroom photos on Instagram years ago and commented on the photo.  Who would've guessed I'd be scouting for mushrooms in Oregon with him a few years later!  

Living in Ohio, the weeks all blend together and before you know it 6 months have passed.  Since I've gotten back home, I can't describe a single day in full detail.  Oddly enough, I can remember almost every single day of the roadtrip in great detail.  Each day was a true adventure.   

Grinnell LakeGrinnell LakeGrinnell Lake landscape on a summer afternoon. Desert HikeDesert HikeA sand dune in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado. Summer StormSummer StormA rainbow and flash of lightning above Lizard Head Pass in Colorado Bowman LakeBowman LakeCanoers on Bowman Lake - Glacier National Park, Montana. Camping in the Great Sand DunesCamping in the Great Sand DunesCamping in my MSR Hubba Hubba in the Great Sand Dunes Star Trails - ShiprockStar Trails - Shiprock Red FoxRed FoxA curious red fox looks at the camera Black BearBlack BearA black bear emerges from the forest and onto the trail near Bowman Lake, in Glacier National Park Bridal Veil Falls - TellurideBridal Veil Falls - TellurideBridal Veil Falls in Telluride Colorado Panther Creek FallsPanther Creek FallsPanther Creek Falls in Washington

Mount TamalpaisMount Tamalpais Blue LakeBlue LakeA polar plunge in Blue Lake - North Cascades, Washington.

Looking Ahead

This year, I'll be heading to Wyoming for the Solar Eclipse.  I'm hoping my secret spot will be cloud and crowd free!  Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park will be a circus on the 21st!  I plan to find a secluded spot in the mountains outside of town and get there a few days early, to beat any potential crowds.  The perks of being a homeless wanderer!  

After that, I will be spending September in Colorado.  For years I've wanted to see the fall colors in the mountains of Colorado.  It will be nice to see how the places change through the seasons.  I've only ever been to Colorado in the summer.  I'm also hoping to stop by Great Sand Dunes National Park, where one of my Milky Way photos is currently hanging up!  

After the colors fade away I'll be heading to Utah for a few weeks.  I may be teaching an Astrophotography workshop out there next summer, and this will be the perfect opportunity to scout out locations!  I still haven't been to Utah yet so this will be an incredible experience!  

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