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Mindshift Gear


Mindshift Gear produces some of the best photography backpacks on the market.  One of my favorite nature photographers, David Kingham, highly recommends these backpacks.  You can check out his reviews for the MINDSHIFT BACKLIGHT 26L and the MINDSHIFT ROTATION180° HORIZON 34L.

After spending 4 months traveling across the country on a photography expedition, I can attest to how important a quality backpack is.  You need a pack big enough to fit your favorite camera gear, comfortable enough to wear all day, and sturdy enough to handle all weather conditions.  If you've spent thousands on cameras, lenses and filters, having a great backpack is crucial!

I recently started using the Mindshift rotation180 Pro.  This backpack has made my life as a photographer so much easier!  The rotating functionality of this pack is a game changer!  To read the full review on the pack, head over to my blog.  


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Think Tank


If you need a special case for your gear, Think Tank probably has it!  They have backpacks, sling bags, holsters, camera rain covers, lens pouches, camera straps, rolling cases and more!  

Personally, I highly recommend the Hard Cases.  I use a hardcase to store all of my photography gear.  It keeps it safe from impact, water, dust, and theft.  If you've invested a lot of money into camera gear, you should highly consider a hardcase to keep it all protected!  These hardcases are even better than the Pelican's, believe it or not.  They come with built-in lid organizers that can hold all of your smaller accessories, which can really help keep things organized.  Click here to see all of the Think Tank SKB Hard Cases. 

Think Tank is currently offering Free Shipping and Free Gear when you purchase $50 or more through these links.  


Follow this link to the ThinkTank Website and receive Free Shipping and Free Gear!