Peter Zelinka is a nature photographer currently based in Northeast Ohio.  Peter was originally just a hiker and backpacker, spending as much time outdoors as he could.  During a 2013 backpacking trip to Glacier National Park, he was inspired by the stunning alpine lakes and vast landscapes. 

Peter bought his first DSLR in 2014 and quickly delved into the challenging realm of macro photography.  As Peter's interest in photography expanded, he branched out into landscapes, astro, and wildlife.  

In 2016, Peter quit his full-time IT job and spent the next 4 months traveling across the Western US on a photography expedition.  This roadtrip was over 15,000 miles long, with stops at 15 National Parks!  In 2017 he embarked on another adventure across America to see the Total Eclipse, Autumn in the Colorado mountains, and the desert landscapes of southern Utah. 

Peter currently works part-time at a local camera shop and teaches private lessons.

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